Your Adventure

Discover the mystical and beautiful Transylvania!


We will be visiting the city of Cluj Napoca rich in history blended with massive business growth and innovation. Get ready to Escape The Room together with the rest of the group, visit the famous Botanical Garden and pay a visit to Turda Saltmine a heritage that opens up a whole new world underground.






Let us help you transform


Every adventure brings something unique into our souls. Imagine what our adventure in Transylvania kan awaken within you.

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone?

Your Vitality

Health is always nr 1.


Health is the most important thing. We can have many audacious goals in life but if we get sick we really just want one thing, to be healthy again. The best way to sustain an optimal health and a high level of vitality is to prevent and control what we can control. We focus on calibrating your health with the help of our specialist doctors and to teach you simple but powerful stratgies to keep your vitality level up.



Test your health level

Receive personal feedback

Get your own health gameplan

Let us help you stay healthy


We offer access to medical tests, blood samples and insights that would take a normal person years to get through the ordinary medical channels.

Your Influence

The level of influence you manage to achieve will determine your impact.


Without a high-level of influence everything tends to get harder and takes longer to achieve. Becoming influential is not easy and it requires certain skills, results and rock solid values combined with a high emotional IQ. We will show you how to get there.



Create high-value

Raise your Relational IQ

Connect with an accountability partner

Let us help you raise your game


Influence helps you have a bigger impact and leave your mark in the world.

Become the flower that all bees get attracted to.

Vital Adventure


Join the tribe and let's step up together.


Adventure - Vitality - Influence

Latest News


First Vital Adventure group of entrepreneurs travel to Transylvania.

Sept 12-19, 2017 Romania


Next Vital Adventure trip will take place:

April 11- 18, 2018 Romania

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