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We created Vital Adventure to serve as your compass on your journey towards personal and business success, to make sure you stay sharp and on track. You will get access to a powerful network of entrepreneurs where you can forge future business connections.

We provide you with the latest health calibration and relaxation with cutting edge tools and strategies.

Lastly we strive to give you the adventure of a lifetime while creating unforgettable moments in exciting environments.

Your Adventure


Create unforgettable memories in exciting environments together with your tribe.

Your Vitality


Calibrate your health and get access to our specialists within medicine, training and nutrition.

Your Influence


Raise your level of influence to gain more traction in your business and your relationships.




Vital Adventure was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs so we devote a lot of time and energy to keep our tribe pure. We make sure that the people we accept as new tribe members have been screened and that they match our values so they can add value and focus on the right thing together as a group. One of our main goals is to combine adventure with vitality and influence working with top specialists within each field. Were strive to deliver value after the time together through accountability partnerships, reunions and future gatherings.

Application Process

You are either recommended by another member or you answered the application form and have been accepted by our team..

Creating Synery

Combining adventure, vitality and influence we make sure that we create a more powerful outcome for or tribe members.

Access to Specialists & Tools

We offer access tp specialist doctors, personal trainers, high performance agents and consultants with high value tools.

Accountability Partnerships

We know that without being held accountable we tend to underperform. That is why we strongly believe in partnerships between us.




We are 100 % committed to underpromise and overdeliver. Whether it is providing you with a new perspective through the adventure, raising your vitality with our health services or elevating your influence in business, you are about to get access to a very special tribe of passionate and high-performance entrepreneurs. We don't accept everyone and that is why it is imperative that the right people get onboard for the best synergy effect. Before accepted we kindly ask that you fill out the form below so our team can access availability and syncronisation with our core values.




Vital Adventure gave me the opportunity to take a break from everything and elevate my game while having fun and meeting other entrepreneurs. The health services that we got access to would have taken years to arrange and some of the tools offered are not even available in the general medical care. Transylvania was a region that I knew little about but the growth and buzz surrounding East Europe will be very interesting to keep on my radar in the future and for upcoming business ventures. Finally the Vital Adventure Team was 100 procent present and they really overdelivered.




Claes Blomqvist- Entrepreneur Sweden




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Vital Adventure


Join the tribe and let's step up together.


Adventure - Vitality - Influence

Latest News


First Vital Adventure group of entrepreneurs travel to Transylvania.

Sept 12-19, 2017 Romania


Next Vital Adventure trip will take place:

April 11- 18, 2018 Romania

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